Church 1.0 - Because life is better in community

Because life is better in community

We welcome you to engage in dialogue and worship with a group of people passionate about God, love, life, justice and community.
In the First Century the new born Christian church was meeting in houses, taking care of each other, deeply impressed by Jesus' life and death and committed to spread the Good News of God’s love. That was the ‘first version’ of the Church – simple, easy to understand, opened, real, rooted in love. Using the same framework Church 1.0 wants to provide a space where everyone feels safe to exercise and share their spiritual experience .
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Mission Statement

We are a diverse group who believes that life is better in community. We welcome, accept and support all who seek companionship and growth on their spiritual journey. We create sanctuary for those marginalized from traditional religions, embracing and extending God’s love to everyone who wishes to worship with us.